Delivering a Social Customer Experience
Share. Inspire. Lead.
Social media has prompted huge changes in the way people access and share information, which has resulted in new challenges, lessons and opportunities for businesses and organizations all over the world. Consumer opinion, once confined to word of mouth and the call center, is now more readily expressed to wider audiences and is more influential for brands than it ever has been in the past.

In this White Paper, we look at our brand, Aramex, and how it has utilized social media to become one of the most recognizable brands online in the Arab world, engaging with thousands of customers on a monthly basis. Aramex is a global logistics and transportation solutions provider that serves businesses and individuals under its brand and its Shop and Ship subsidiary.

We aim to share our experiences, lessons and findings while utilizing social media for delivering customer service. We will probe into some of the opportunities this medium presents to companies and budding entrepreneurs seeking to use social media. We hope that you will find our insights useful in your own efforts to use the medium as a customer touch point.
"Engaging our stakeholders in a proactive manner is the way we do business. Social media has presented us with multiple platforms to do so in real-time and with instantaneous feedback. It keeps us connected."

Fadi Ghandour
CEO and Founder
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